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Tuff Toilet
Bellatrines Tuff Toilet is a multi-purpose portable VIP toilet system. Waste is naturally cycled back into the environment without any requirement for maintenance or servicing.
Key Benefits
Easy installation.
No servicing! No maintenance!
Can simply be placed over a suitable pit
and is immediately ready for use.
Works using the VIP Toilet System.
Integrated vent pipe socket.
Vents away odours.
Sanitary & easy to clean.
Long lasting durability.
Easily re-locatable.
What makes Tuff Toilet the best?
It's modern design.
Made from high quality material.
Attention to detail.
Value for money.
Money back guarantee.

Download Tuff Toilet Installation Manual (pdf file)

About Tuff Toilet
Jonathon Clarke, company owner and engineer, designed the world leading Tuff Toilet using his many years experience working for the International Red Cross.
Tuff Toilet meets VIP toilet requirements, as recommended by WHO (World Health Organisation) as best practice for natural organic toilet construction.
The VIP system is now the default system for local governments, NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) such as the International Red Cross and the United Nations, and for Public Health Authorities worldwide.
"I designed the Tuff Toilet as a multi-purpose portable VIP toilet system suitable for the New Zealand market as well as emergency, development & public health programs overseas".     - J. Clarke
Additional Benefits
Suitable for remote access locations.
Waste decomposes naturally over time resulting in a non-hazardous safe organic material that can be left as-is in the covered over pits, or removed for compost etc;
Hard-wearing, tidy, hygienic, easy clean gloss white gelcoat exterior;
Light-weight at 10 kg, can be lifted easily by one person.
VIP vent pipe system vents away  odours;
Latrine pits can be dug cheaply and quickly by dingo/bobcat;
Custom toilet buildings and toilet tents available;
Incorporates flytrap device to trap and kill flies that may occasionally enter toilet.
Full installation instruction and fitting materials included.
Supported by 0800 Product Help Line customer service.
Benefits for Distributors
Design optimised for shipping and handling.
Stackability, palletisation and ISO pallet/container standardization makes it easy to distribute.
Comprehensive printed and electronic sales materials and after-sales customer support.
Shipping information: Size = 1100mm x 1100mm (standard ISO pallet size).
Shipping information: Weight = 10 kg / unit.
Shipping information: Stackable, 50 units / ISO pallet.
Shipping information: Full Pallet Dimensions 1100mm x 1100mm x 2000mm HIGH.
Shipping information: Full Pallet Weight = 550 Kg.
Shipping information: 10 pallets per shipping container, or per truck deck unit.
Shipping information: Plastic wrapped on pallet as standard, export packaging available.
Support for Distributors
Full installation instruction and fitting materials included.
Supported by Bellatrines Tuff Toilet website information and customer service.
Supported by Bellatrines Tuff Toilet 0800 Product Help Line customer service.
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